Destiny 2: Season of Plunder Week 7 Challenges

Destiny 2 Season

Destiny 2 Week 7 Season of Plunder brings new challenges. Complete these challenges to advance in the season pass, while Eramis plots evil.

Some challenges award XP+++, Bright Dust, and Repute for completion. This week’s challenges provide only seven to finish, but their rewards are great.

Destiny 2: Antiquarian VII

Return the seventh relic to the H.E.L.M.

Defeat powerful Vex throughout the system. Defeating more powerful combatants will award bonus progress.

Relic placed
Vex 0%
Rewards: Repute, Challenger XP+

To obtain the seventh relic, you’ll need to advance the new leg of the Sails of the Shipstealer quest, as you did with earlier Antiquarian challenges this season. Return it to the H.E.L.M. and bring it to the table across from the Star Chart once you’ve obtained it from the Pirate Hideout for some more seasonal speech.

Shaper II

Level Seasonal Shaped Weapons to Level 10.

Level 10 Shaped weapons 0/3

Rewards: Repute, Challenger XP+

After you’ve made your own seasonal weapon, you may use it in activities and the wild to rack up kills and level it up. To get a seasonal weapon to level 10, you’ll need to level it up three times.

Destiny 2: Closing In

Defeat targets with Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, and Swords in Gambit. Defeating Guardians will award bonus progress.

Machine Gun 0%
Sword 0%
Sniper Rifle 0%
Rewards: Challenger XP++, Bright Dust

There is a new Gambit challenge almost every week. The Challenger XP++ and Bright Dust make this one worthwhile, even if it is a bit of an inconvenience for Guardians who like not to bring a Sniper Rifle to this sort of thing.


Complete any Nightfall strike on Grandmaster.

Nightfall 0/1
Rewards: Challenger XP+++, Bright Dust

This task should be simple to complete. You should do a Nightfall strike on the hardest possible setting, Grandmaster. It shouldn’t be a problem at all if you have a specialized fire team. If not, feel free to try your hand at setting people up with each other. Have fun, and remember to use the right Champion modifications.

Destiny 2: Efficient Expedition

Complete Expedition to each destination in under 10 minutes.

Rewards: Challenger XP++

If you have already finished any of these Expeditions in under 10 minutes, you will have already met this challenge by the time you receive it, as it is retroactive for the season. Although the payout for this challenge is merely XP++, it is still a wonderful perk for the fast Guardians out there to work toward.


Defeat targets with Sidearms and defeat jolted combatants.

Defeating combatants in Ketchcrash and defeating Guardians will award bonus progress.

Sidearm 0%
Arc jolt 0%
Rewards: Challenger XP+

Get out there and defeat adversaries with Sidearms and Arc powers; it’s a challenging but ultimately unrewarding task. The time investment should be minimal, and the seasonal experience gain will be welcome.

Fleeting Glory

Complete Crucible matches in the Glory Rank playlist. Earn bonus progress for wins.

Progress 0%
Rewards: Challenger XP+++, Bright Dust

Crucible is a seasonal challenge that rewards progression on both wins and losses, making it worthwhile to pursue if only for the limited amount of Bright Dust available each season and the XP+++ that comes with it.

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