Destiny 2 Season Of Plunder: Week 8 Guide

Destiny 2 season 8

As the eighth week of Destiny 2: Season of Plunder begins, the Sails of the Shipstealer storyline ends for now. Here’s a walkthrough guide.

You’ll go looking with Eido and Mithrax for the eighth and last Relic of Nezarec. Mithrax and Eido still don’t get along after their last fight, and Eido seems determined to get Eramis back on the side of Light.

Step 57: Visit The Star Chart

As you did every week before, go back to the H.E.L.M. and use the Star Chart to get a message from Mithrax. He tells us that we are almost done getting the last Relic of Nezarec. Mithrax thinks about Eido a lot. He is a little worried that Eramis is having an effect on her, but he knows that what he did pushed Eido away.

Step 58: Run An Expedition

For this step of the quest, you have to dig up Expedition buried treasure at the end of a seasonal activity. You’ll also have to use an emote near a crewmate three times at the end of an Expedition or Ketchcrash activity. It looks like you can emote more than once at the end of an activity, which means you only have to do it once instead of three times, but it hasn’t been tracked the same way for everyone.

Step 59: Pirate Hideout: The Lucent Brood

This is the last pirate hideout of the year. This time, you’ll be attacking the Lucent Hive instead of a pirate lord, since they already have the last Relic of Nezarec. When you get there, you find that Eido is already there. She was hoping to get the last artifact without fighting, but her transmission was cut off when she found the Lucent Hive. Eido is determined to show Eramis that she is wrong. Mithrax doesn’t think that’s possible, but he’s proof that a warlord who used to be cruel can change.

Move through the hideout, killing Lucent Hive as you go, and kill Hiak’ar, the Hoardseeker at the end. Remember to kill their Hive Ghost if you don’t want them to come back.

After the battle, you get to watch a cool sword fight between Mithrax and Eramis in a cutscene. Eido tries to convince her father that Eramis saved her life when she was in the Lucent Hive. Mithrax gets the upper hand in the end, but he decides not to kill Eramis. Eramis flees.

Don’t forget to bring the last relic back to the H.E.L.M. and put it on the table with the other seven. Doing so will fulfill one of the requirements for the Antiquarian VIII seasonal challenge, which is part of the week 8 seasonal challenges. Also, when you place the last relic, you’ll hear another bit of lore dialogue.

Step 60: Visit The Ether Tank Holoprojector

Find the H.E.L.M. and go to the Eliksni Quarter in the Last City. Once you land, go to the holoprojector set up outside of The Ether Tank. Drifter doesn’t understand why Mithrax didn’t kill Eramis. He thanks you for helping him get the Relics, send Eramis back, and stop the Witness from doing what he wanted to do. Mithrax and Eido are busy trying to figure out what the Relics of Nezarec are all about.

Step 61: Visit Spider In The Ether Tank

Talk to Spider inside of The Ether Tank. He can’t wait to give away the last of his stash, which is the last Spider’s Special Engram. Choose one to go on. You will get a quick step completion and another Deepsight Resonant seasonal weapon as a reward.

Step 62: Speak With Spider Again

Continue the dialogue with Spider. He expresses some optimism as he congratulates you on your good fortune. Before dismissing you, he mentions distributing the equipment given to him by the Vanguard. Eido then contacts you and exuberantly informs you that Spider made no attempt to defraud you this time. Perhaps, as a result of all of this, Spider is learning to be a little nicer to you.

Sails Of The Shipstealer ends! The seasonal tale ends quite anticlimactically. Unanswered questions remain in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder. What will happen to the 8 Nezarec Relics? Eido and Mithrax? Will Eramis become an unlikely ally, or is she committed to the Witness?

If past seasons are any indication, there may be one last event to wrap up loose ends or set up season 19’s continuance for Destiny 2 Season of Plunder.

Have you completed the quests above? Let us know on the comments section!

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