Destiny 2 Traveler’s Chosen Exotic Sidearm – Quest Guide

The new “The Exodus: Evacuation quest” quest was unlocked with the last reset. This quest contains almost 30 steps that you have to complete.

We’ll show you all the steps below, including the solutions of course, including a video guide!

If you complete all of the steps correctly, you will end up going to Zavala and receiving the Traveler’s Chosen Exotic Sidearm.


Traveler’s Chosen – Evacuation Quest

  • #1: Speak to Zavala and start the “Exodus: Preparation” quest.
  • #2: Speak to Sloane on Titan.
  • #3: Get a weekly bounty from Sloane and complete it.
  • #4: Return to Sloane.
  • #5: Get a weekly bounty from Asher Mir on Io and complete it.
  • #6: Return to Zavala, get “The Militia’s Birthright” Grenade Launcher.
  • #7: Now go to Brother Vance on the planet Mercury, get a weekly quest, complete it and return to Vance.
  • #8: Get a weekly bounty from Ana Bray on Mars and complete it.
  • #9: Return to Zavala again.
  • #10: Return to Zavala again.
  • #11: Go to Asher Mir on Io and speak to him.
  • #12: Clear “Sanctum on Bones” Lost Sector. The Taken kills will complete while doing this.
  • #13: Complete “The Pyramidion” strike and get 40 Vex samples (defeat 40 Vex). You’ll get the 40 Vex while just doing the strike.
  • #14: Complete the (Heroic) Unexpected Guests adventure accessible on the Io map.
  • #15: Return to Asher, get 1060-capped(?) Silicon Neuroma.
  • #16: Speak to Sloane on Titan.
  • #17: Complete the “Methane Flush” Lost Sector and defeat the bonus boss at the end.
  • #18: Head to the Solarium on patrol and defeat the Hive boss (Savathun’s Song strike area).
  • #18.5: Continue through to Festering Halls and defeat the other 2 Ogre bosses.
  • #19: Complete “Savathun’s Song” strike and get 25 fragments from Knights, Ogres and Wizards on Titan.
  • #20: Return to Sloane. Get a “Duty Bound”.
  • #21: Return to Zavala. Get a “Mindbender’s Ambition”.
  • #22: Speak to Brother Vance on Mercury.
  • #23: Complete “A Garden World” strike. Get 15 items from Minoaturs, Cyclopses and Hydras.
  • #24: Complete “Tree of Probabilites” strike. Get 40 items from Cabal.
  • #25: Complete “Bug In The System (Heroic)” adventure, accessible via the Mercury map.
  • #26: Return to Brother Vance. Get a “D.F.A.”
  • #27: Speak to Ana Bray on Mars.
  • #28: Head to “Mindlab: Rasputin” and interact with the console.
  • #29: Defeat 5 EP bosses. The double bosses in later rounds do count as 2.
  • #30: Complete “Deathly Tremors (Heroic)” adventure accessible via the Mars map.
  • #31: Return to Ana Bray. Get a “Braytech Osprey”.
  • #32: Finally, return to Zavala and receive the Traveler’s Chosen Exotic Sidearm.

Written by: Carizma

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