Destiny 2: Xur Today – Location and Inventory on 22th of February

Today, Friday, February 22th, Xur will open its black market in Destiny 2. But where do I find Xur? Where will he run his black market?

Xur, Agent of the Nine, black marketer

Everybody knows Xur, he supplies the players every week with new weapons and armor, exotic and legendary ones. To get to his wares you need Legendary Fragments, which you can farm in Destiny 2. Xur will be released from 8th of February to 5nd of February, after which it will disappear again.

Where is Xur, today, February 22th?

Nobody can predict where Xur will pitch his camp! Likewise, no one has yet managed to decode his inventory, where Xur appears and what he will offer the players, we only learn when Xur appears.

Xur Location 2/15/2019
Xur opened his black market on the planet IO, you can find him in Giants Scar


Destiny 2 – Xur Location Today, 22th of February

  • Graviton Lance
  • Orpheus Rig – Legs Hunter
  • Synthoceps – Gauntlets Titan
  • Aeon Soul – Gauntlets Warlock


That was all about Xur for the time being, today on the 22th of February. After Xur has presented his new items, you have time until Tuesday to get his items.

Written by: Carizma

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