Detroit Become Human: All Connor Endings – I’LL BE BACK

If you want to play 100% Detroit Become Human and you want to unlock the platinum trophy you have to solve this puzzle as well. You will unlock the following trophy:

Connor died and returned at every opportunity before reaching the end

For this task Connor has to die 10 times in one playthrough. You have to start a new Story for this! You can not just jump into a chapter to let him die and move on to the next – that would not update your progress between chapters and you would not deserve the trophy. All chapters must be played one after the other. Some chapters have more than one way for Connor to die. With them you only need one death. You must also be hostile to Hank so he shoots Connor in the “Bridge” chapter. Since then always disobedient, speak badly about androids, since cold, spill his drink, kill the two Tracis in the Eden club, to really make him crazy. When you visit Amanda, you can visit the cemetery at the back of the garden to see your death.

You can shorten the process by having Kara die in “Chapter: On the Run” when crossing the highway with Alice. Just do not push buttons and a car will kill Kara and Alice, removing all her future chapters.

You can also let Mark die during the “Chapter: Freedom March”. When the police arrive, the option selects STAND GROUND, STAND GROUND, SACRIFICE. Then the police shoot Markus. This removes all of his next chapters.

IMPORTANT: Death in the optional chapter “Interrogation” is also mandatory. Do not miss it or you will miss the trophy!

An overview of all trophies for Detroit Become Human can be found right here.


I’ll Be Back Trophy Guide

0:05 #1 – Chapter: The Hostage
1:33 #2 – Chapter: The Interrogation
3:58 #3 – Chapter: On the Run
6:19 #4 – Chapter: The Nest
7:02 #5 – Chapter: The Bridge
9:29 #6 – Chapter – Public Enemy
11:09 (MARKUS DEATH) – Chapter: Freedom March
12:13 #7 – Last Chance, Connor
13:23 #8 – Crossroads
15:01 #9 – Battle for Detroit
17:27 #10 – Battle for Detroit

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