Devil May Cry 5: All Devil Breakers and how to change them

In Devil May Cry 5 you can equip Devil Breakers for Nero. They replace his left hand and can be used in combat to trigger special moves and combos. We will explain how to change the active Devil Breaker.

There is no way to change the Devil Breaker with a simple button. The best way to destroy the Devil Breaker. If you want a certain Devil Breaker, just buy it in the shop and equip it in all slots.

This is how you change the Devil Breaker:

  • Press L1 (PS4) / LB (Xbox One) to destroy your active Devil Breaker until you find the one you want in your inventory.
  • Get a new Devil Breaker of the type you’re looking for.
  • Change it in a shop.


List of all Devil Breakers

A General Purpose Devil Breaker. Blow away enemies with an electric pressure or knock them into enemies and detonate remotely.

A mobile devil breaker that allows you to break off shockwave attacks or fire a beam of powerful energy.

Punch Line:
This devil breaker delivers powerful punches and flying missile strikes.

Helter Skelter:
This devil breaker compensates for lack of range with superior penetration.

a Devil Breaker with hidden power to charge Blue Rose and Red Queen.

Buster Arm:
A devil breaker who can kill with a Devil Bringer Technique "Buster".

Provides the largest attack range.

This devil breaker controls the time. Projects a special field that slows down all objects within its range.

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Written by: Carizma

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