Disney Dreamlight Valley: Aquamarines Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley Aquamarine

Disney Dreamlight Valley resources and ingredients can be found in each biome. But not all are found easily, especially ones like aquamarine.

Some resources aren’t as common as others, and sometimes their spawn points are the same as those of other resources. Aquamarine can sometimes be hard to find because they share spawn points with other gems and resources like Coal, Stone, and Iron Ore. This guide will show players in Disney Dreamlight Valley how to get Aquamarines.

Where can you find aquamarines?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Aquamarine Map

Aquamarines can only be found in Dazzle Beach and the Forest of Valor in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Gems like Aquamarine can be found in the big black rocks along the rock walls in these two biomes. Disney Dreamlight Valley players should look for black rocks with gems sticking out of them. If they break these rocks with the Pickaxe, they will always get a gem.

Players should also know that Aquamarines can be found in the same places as Emeralds and Peridots in the Forest of Valor and Dazzle Beach. Even if a gem does fall, there is no guarantee that it will be an aquamarine. In addition, there is a type of gem called Shiny Aquamarine that is rarer and sells for more.

The black rocks come back after a while, so if players need more gems, they can come back later and keep mining for them. Having a Companion with the Mining Role can help players get more gems when they do spawn.

What do you do with aquamarines?

Early on in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will notice that Aquamarine and other gems sell for good money. A regular Aquamarine costs 250 Star Coins to buy, but a Shiny Aquamarine costs 1,000 Star Coins.

Aquamarines are a good way for players to get extra Star Coins, and they can also be used to make things. A Blue Wrought Iron Streetlamp is one example. It is made from five Iron Ingots, two Glass, and one Aquamarine. DJ Booth Rig is another recipe that calls for Aquamarine. It needs 100 Iron Ingots, 6 Topazes, 6 Aquamarines, and 6 Tourmalines.

Does a quest need aquamarines?

Aquamarines are used in at least one quest, like many other items and resources in the game. As players in Disney Dreamlight Valley get closer to Ursula, she will eventually give them a Friendship Quest called “The Ritual.”

Five Aquamarines are one of the things you need for this Friendship Quest. For this quest, players can only use normal Aquamarines. If they come across any Shiny Aquamarines, they should put them aside in case the Shiny version is needed in the future.

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