Dreamlight Valley Maui

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Maui, a narcissistic deity, requires the player’s friendship to initiate certain objectives.

We’ll guide you on how to complete the quests, and how to fulfill the objectives.

Where Can I Get A Tale Of Stone And Fire Quest?

You’ll need to finish a lengthy checklist of tasks before beginning the mandatory quest with Maui. The opportunity to remove the smaller green storm debris from Dazzle Beach will become available to you throughout this procedure.

Obtaining all of the Royal Tools and 2,000 Dreamlight will allow you to advance the main quest with Merlin and get access to the Dream Castle. You must continue the story until you repair the Pillar of Friendship and gain access to Dazzle Beach.

The next step is to enter Dream Castle via the center entrance on the ground floor. Because of this, you can now begin Moana’s and Maui’s separate quests. By the end of Moana’s mission, you’ll have the ability to smash itty-bitty rocks with your Royal Pickaxe.

The larger pieces of debris blocking the bridge on Dazzle Beach will still need to be removed. To do so, you must first complete the quest A Tale of Stone and Fire.

Last but not least, your friendship with Maui must reach the fourth degree. This can be accomplished by regular conversation and the provision of the aforementioned three presents. After reaching level 2 of friendship, you are free to hang out with him and complete the mission.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Tale of Stone and Fire Quest?

When your friendship with Maui reaches the requisite level, you’ll be able to recognize him by the pink quest icon that appears on his head. In the event that you have not completed any other tasks with him before, you may be given the option to select one of these. Make sure to go with A Tale of Stone and Fire.

The corner of Dazzle Beach contains debris with a golden chest inside of it, and Maui will invite you to follow him there. Here he’ll ask you to go back to Moana and Maui’s world and get the things he left behind in his basket.

You should return to the Dream Castle and enter through the middle entrance on the ground floor. You can find the necessary basket, plus some extras, right next to Moana’s boat, which will satisfy Maui’s requirements. Return this to me on Maui.

While Maui is upgrading, you will offer him your pickaxe and deliver him a gourmet lunch. The Bouillabaisse is a simple dish to prepare for this challenge. Everything you need to make this is listed below.

One Shrimp
Two Clams or Scallops
One tomato
One vegetable

If you feed Maui the five-star feast, he’ll return your pickaxe so you can smash the larger rocks, too. You need to return to the wreckage he pointed out, smash it, and pick up the object that falls out of the chest in order to proceed with the task.

The final step of the quest has you making a Granite Fire Bowl at any available Crafting Station.

This requires a number of supplies, and here is how to get them:


You’ll need a hefty 20 sand for the recipe. With your Pickaxe, you can break up the storm debris on the beach to get these. About five or six sand will fall from a large piece of debris.


This is one of the easiest things to get in the valley, and you’ll need 25 of them. You can get stone from the black rocks at the edges of each area or by using your Pickaxe to break down the stone structures all over the valley.

Coal Ore

If you do a lot of cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll always be short on Coal Ore. You can break the black rocks on the edges of each area to get the ten Coal ores. You can also get these by getting rid of night thorns or digging up shiny spots.

Red Falling Penstemon

This type of flower can only be found in the Plaza, which is where the game starts. The Falling Penstemon flowers in this area come in many different colors.

You need three red flowers to complete this quest, therefore picking every flower gives you the best chance of speedily replenishing your supply. Up top, you can see a photo of Red Falling Penstemon blossoms.

When you have gathered the necessary materials, travel to your workshop to work on your Granite Fire Bowl. For quick recognition, we’ve added Maui’s logo here. As soon as it’s finished, you can chat to Maui about putting it anyplace in the valley.

And while he’ll swear up and down that the Bowl is responsible for bringing fire to the area, it’s just a pretty thing and doesn’t actually accomplish anything. The goal of this quest is to get you to a place where you can use your pickaxe to clear the bridge of the larger debris so that you can cross it without having to backtrack.

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