Disney Dreamlight Valley: Tasty Salad Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley Tasty Salad

Disney Dreamlight Valley gamers will run out of energy rapidly. You must unlock pricey plants to produce a Tasty Salad.

Players will need to get some of that energy back after breaking rocks, digging up special spots, and planting crops. Cooking the many meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the fastest ways to get back up to speed after being tired.

Even though these meals cost a lot of Star Coins, they usually restore energy much more quickly than simple ingredients. This is especially true for Disney Dreamlight Valley’s four-star Tasty Salad recipe from the game. This guide is here to help players who want to cook this recipe.

Preparing a Tasty Salad in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley has many of energy-rich alternatives, but players need the correct combination to make the Tasty Salad. Players need four components to upgrade their salad:

Any Vegetable
Any Spice

When finished, the Tasty Salad can be sold for 292 Star Coins or restore 650 energy, an upgrade over Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Hearty Salad. These figures can rise based on ingredient quantity and quality.

Finding Tasty Salad Ingredients

Lettuce, which is the first specific ingredient in the recipe for a Tasty Salad, is easy to find. When players harvest rocks, vines, and other items in the Peaceful Meadow, they might get free Lettuce seeds. Players who do the Fishing Expedition quest to open Goofy’s stall will find seeds there more often than not. If you choose to upgrade it, you will also be able to buy lettuce on its own.

There is some room for change in the second and third spots. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can use a second head of Lettuce or any other vegetable in the second slot. In the third slot, you can use any spice. Basil, which grows in the Peaceful Meadow, and Oregano, which grows around the plaza, are two examples of spices that would work. Because of where they are, these aren’t too hard to get.

Because they only grow in the Frosted Heights biome, cucumbers are much harder to find. This part of the game world is in the northeast, and there are two Dreamlight walls between it and the plaza.

First, players have to pay 3,000 Dreamlight for the Forest of Valor. Then, they have to pay another 10,000 Dreamlight for the Frosted Heights. Once Goofy’s stand has been bought and upgraded, players can buy Cucumber seeds and Cucumbers directly from it.

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