DRAGON QUEST XI: All Bullseye L ocations – Crossbow Colossus

To unlock this Dragon Quest XI trophy, you must find all crossbow targets. There are a total of 55 crossbow targets, also called Bullseye.

Below you will find a video with all bullseye and crossbow target locations. When you have found all the goals, you will receive the following trophy:

Crossbow Colossus
Awarded for hitting every bullseye.

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(0:42) Gallopolis Region
(3:54) Laguna di Gondolia

(6:50) The Costa Valor
(9:58) The Manglegrove
(12:59) The Emerald Coast
(16:08) Zwaardsrust Region
(19:18) Dundrasil Region
(22:26) Complete Story – Wild Blue Yonder
(22:40) Sniflheim Region
(25:55) The Snaerfelt
(29:30) Complete Mermaid Story and receive Lorelei’s Harp
(30:10) The Champs Sauvage
(33:27) 5 Smaller Islands “Insula”
(33:32) Insula Australis 1/1
(34:06) Insula Algarum 1/1
(34:41) Insula Borealis 1/1
(35:16) Insula Orientalis 1/1
(35:58) Insula Centralis 1/1
(37:10) Insula Occidentalis Reward
(38:02) Return to Gallopolis to unlock Crossbow Colossus T/A

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