Dragon Quest XI – Locked Red Door Locations and Magic Keys

As you travel around Edrea, you will surely come across the mysterious red doors. Behind these red doors there are treasures to be found, the prey is very valuable and you should take the time to open it. Unfortunately, they will not be accessible until you are in the middle of the game.

The Red Doors that are scattered throughout Edrea can only be opened by the Magic Key. It is obtained automatically after defeating the boss and clearing the story event in Phnom Nonh.

Once you obtain the Magic Key – the search is on to find all the red doors and seek their treasure:

Dragon Quest XI Red Door Locations

Location Description Reward
The Hotto Steppe In the Hotto Steppe you will find a locked red door. With the Magic Key, you can unlock it and receive the treasure. Banishing Blade
Puerto Valor   Falcon Knife Earring
Gondolia In the city of Gondolia you will find another red door. Divine Designs Recipe Book,
Seed of Magic,
Mini Medal.
Insula Occidentalis Use the ship to go to one of the islands in Edrea called Insula Occidentalis to find a red door. Falcon Blade
L’Academie De Notre Maitre des Medailles Inside the Academy Uniforme de L’Academie,
Seed of Skill,
Mini Medal
Phnom Nonh A Red door can be found in the city of Phnom Nonh. Secrets of the Silversmith Recipe,
Phial Sage of Elixir
Gallopolis City You will find the Red Door in the Gallopolis City near the Bazaar. Making the Magic Happen Recipe,
2000 G,
Seed of Skill
Dundrasil Region (South) In the southern part of Dundrasil Region, you will find the Red Door 3 Mini Medals
Lonalulu In the upper cliff of Lonalulu is a red door Zombie Mail,
Seed of Life,

Mini Medal
Zwaardsrust – Ruins Find the red door in one of the ruins of Zwaardsrust where it’s a path leading below. Classy Clobber for Kingly Kids Recipe,
Purple Orb,
Enchanted Stone (Material)
Insula Centralis Another red door lies in one of the islands of Edrea called Insula Centralis. Sainted Soma (Material)
The Last Bastion Remember that Red Door you first found in Cobblestone? Go to it again! Wristorative

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  1. crazyc4lyfe February 10, 2019 | Reply

    Gallopolis also had a pretty Betsy and a mini medal in the barrels which you didn’t mention . There was also a second treasure chest in the academy with an item you didn’t mention it slipped my mind what it was though

  2. Airleas September 15, 2018 | Reply

    Downtown Heliodor also has one though it only has 5000 gold if I remember correctly

  3. GriefRealm September 8, 2018 | Reply

    There is also one in Insula Australis. I probably spelled that wrong though

    • Doc Amo September 9, 2018 | Reply

      It has the slime crown in it

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