Dreamlight Valley: A Definitive Guide

Dreamlight Valley Merlin

Dreamlight Valley has a lot of things going on, and we’ve created a definitive guide on how you can enjoy the game better.

Dreamlight Valley is a Disney life sim that combines Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley with Disney and Pixar characters. This definitive guide below can help you save familiar faces while unraveling the Forgetting mystery.

There are a few things you should know before playing this Disney game. Our Disney Dreamlight Valley guide will help you get started as Merlin takes you through the community.

Everything has a purpose, therefore collect everything

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, obtaining materials is a daily activity. It’s a grind at first, but you’ll need those items later. If you think they won’t, they will, so gather everything.

Destruction of Night Thorns increases loot

Dreamlight Valley Thorns

You may wish to remove all Night Thorns from your valley or keep some in case you need them later. In the latter case, Night Thorns regenerate, so destroy them completely as soon as possible. The more dark plants you destroy, the more Dream Shards, seeds, and Star Coins you get.

Your stuff won’t disappear after time, so you can leave them on the ground as long as you need.

Glowing vegetables give bonus produce

Occasionally, when harvesting crops, a golden glow appears. This delivers multiples of whatever you’re harvesting, so act quickly. You can’t hold down the harvesting button, so be ready.

Grab resources when they’re plenty

Similar to above, scavenging for materials may surprise you. Rocks, trees, and Night Thorns may spread things when damaged; a fast-paced sound signals when to collect them. Unlike other resources, these disappear after a few seconds. If you do, a bonus appears, such as a resource or currency chest.

Upgrade inventory to hold more resources

Dreamlight Valley Resources

Even with all the above, you’ll ultimately run out of storage. When you start, you can carry 21 stacks on your person and 8 in your abode. 29 slots seem like a lot, but they fill up fast. You quickly acquire raw materials and ingredients, then add meals and quest items to the list.

As noted, you can leave goods throughout the valley, but it doesn’t seem very nice, therefore you need to enhance your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The cost is high. The cheapest way to enhance early-game storage capacity is to upgrade your house storage once, adding eight in-home slots, then unlocking seven on-person slots for 5,000 Star Coins. The next home renovation costs 20,000 Star Coins.

Gifts make friends

Donate if you have too much stuff. These well-known Disney names are gentle and lovely, so they accept anything with a grin and a thank you, even a stone or handful of sand. You give gifts to be kind, but you also benefit. Not only does it free up storage, but it also boosts your friendship with that character, unlocking new tasks and skills.

Start selling with Goofy to get rich

Selling to Goofy can help you clear your inventory. You should help Scrooge McDuck restore Goofy’s stall soon after meeting him. Selling to Goofy frees up spaces and earns you Star Coins, the in-game money for upgrading structures and buying necessary and cosmetic things. Make sure to strike a balance between selling everything and saving some resources for future challenges.

When short on funds, sell commodities that replenish rapidly, including stone, apples, and raspberries. Hardwood and iron ore are rare, so don’t get rid of them quickly. Gems are one of the best items to sell because they pay the most, but they’re also needed in some tasks and can be given to friends.

Utilize the collecting menu to move faster

The collection menu is your best friend in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Yes, it indicates everything you’ve collected from chests and memories, as well as unlocked recipes, but you’ll want to watch the Characters, Foraging, and Ingredients tabs.

Level up your Friendship

Hidden in the character list of the collection menu is a feature that speeds up friendship leveling. Increasing your buddy levels is an early-game task, therefore speed is crucial.

If you hover your cursor over a character in the list, you’ll notice three items in the bottom right corner. These are the character’s favorite objects for the day, such as cooked meals, ingredients, gems, or scavenged stuff. While presenting anything to a valley inhabitant increases friendship, some products do so faster. You can only gift each item once a day, but it’s refilled the next day.

Find rare items

Finding hard-to-find objects is another top usage of the collection list. Many quest resources are only found in certain villages, as indicated above. Use Fish, Foraging, Ingredients, and Gems to find goods.

Pick your favorite characters first, then unlock realms.

Shortly into the game, Merlin helps you free the Castle from Night Thorns. Once inside, rows of doors lead to over 20 Disney and Pixar character regions, albeit not all are in the game currently.

Choose between Wall-E, Moana, and Ratatouille Realms. You can choose any of these, as it makes no difference for your valley. Remy doesn’t need to be back in the village before you can start cooking, but you will need his ratatouille recipe. The Moana realm lets you invite Moana and Maui, so choose it if you want additional Valley residents.

Once you’ve unlocked your first world, you can bypass the other two if a higher-level character interests you more. At the time of writing, Frozen is the only choice, including Elsa and Anna. More worlds and characters will be added as early access work continues.

Realms need biomes, so unlock them first

You may want to delay accessing realms and focus on villages, which are biomes on the map. Both realms and villages take Dreamlight to open, so if you use it on a realm, you’ll need to save up for a village. It’s crucial to know where to find Dreamlight Valley clay, iron, and pebbles.

For example, if you use all your Dreamlight opening the Frozen realm, you must complete a task before inviting Anna to the Valley. To finish that quest, you need Iron Ore, which is only in the fourth settlement on. If you’re low on Dreamlight at this time, you’ll have to grind. The complete Dreamlight Valley map should be unlocked first.

Put ocean homes near the shore or you won’t be able to access them

Sadly, this tip is due to a technical fault, but it’s vital to know until it’s rectified. Most Disney Dreamlight Valley characters must have their homes in the Valley. Both Maui and Ursula live on the water. If you locate any of their residences distant from the shore, don’t. You can’t get Scrooge to build them if they’re at sea. This is a known issue; perhaps a patch will come forthcoming.

Landscape your Valley

Open your Furniture screen outside to move benches, trellises, trees, and rocks. This means you can customize your Valley totally. Only ponds and houses can’t be moved.

This function lets you cheat through several of Scrooge McDuck’s tasks, too. You’ll need to arrange furnishings in each valley after you reach his “Rebuild the Valley” challenges. Instead of crafting goods, you can move ten trees instead. You can return to it once you’ve acquired more furniture recipes.

Coins and gardening can unlock inaccessible regions.

Whether you want to do this depends on how you want to play. However, it may be quite useful and just uses current game principles.

Areas of the map walled off by enormous brain coral, tree trunks, or other barriers, usually on the other side of biome bridges. These regions are accessible later in the game, but it’s difficult to gain the necessary tools.

Pay Scrooge to unlock wishing wells (a good use of Star Coins) and utilize furniture mode to transport them across the barricade. You can now employ fast travel to reach Dreamlight Valley critters, chests, or crafting materials.

Random ingredients can be cooked without a recipe

Dreamlight Valley Cooking

Once you have a stove, you may make a variety of delectable dishes. Some Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes are hidden throughout the Valley, while others, such crudites and fish sandwiches, are obtained through missions. If you’re weary of the same old dinners, make up your own. So toss items in a pot and see what comes out. The new recipe will be unlocked, saving you time later.

Start with one item at a time: eggs make Boiled Eggs, and any vegetable makes Grilled Vegetables. Cook by guessing or utilizing what you know. Butter and wheat in a recipe make a pie, so add meat, fish, veggies, or fruit to create wonderful pastries. The combinations are limitless.

We hope that all the tips and tricks above will help you maximize your gameplay. For more guides on other games, you can check it out here

Written by: Rai O.

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