Dreamlight Valley: Farming Star Coins

Dreamlight Valley Money

Dreamlight Valley Star Coins are the in-game currency that you’ll earn from random activities and use to buy and sell materials. After you’ve accumulated enough Star Coins, you’ll be able to purchase various outfits, furniture pieces, and miscellaneous materials.

If you want to buy some of the more expensive items early on, we’ll guide you on how to do so.

How to Quickly Earn Star Coins

While you can naturally grind Star Coins from the various Night Thorns that will reappear throughout the valley over time, here are some of the most dependable ways to earn Star Coins quickly.

Dreamlight Valley – Mining Gemstones

Dreamlight Valley Mining

You can mine various gem reserves throughout the valley. A few will clearly show gemstones buried inside, allowing you to mine them and collect the valuable jewels that fall. Because many of these sell for more than 600 Star Coins, you can quickly repeat this process once the deposits respawn.

You can speed things up even more by doing it with a friend. After which, as your Friendship Level with different characters grows, you can assign them different Roles.

Assign one character to Mining and select “Let’s hang out” as a dialogue option.

If you now mine with this friend, deposits containing gemstones have the potential to drop multiple jewels. Gemstones have the potential to drop from deposits that do not contain gemstones, so you’re likely to receive much more.

Dreamlight Valley – Catching and Selling Fish

Dreamlight Valley Fishing

Fishing is another awesome business opportunity. There are a lot of fishing spots available in both Peaceful Meadow and Dazzle Beach. You can constantly fish and catch fish that can be sold for up to 600-800 Star Coins each.

This can also be improved by assigning a friend the Fishing Role. You can have them hang out with you while you fish. Earning extra fish with most reels. This can even be automated relatively early on.

Unlock Moana’s Realm and return her to the village, and after completing a few of her quests. A questline titled “Fixing the Boat” will appear for her.

Complete this quest to establish a permanent location on Dazzle Beach where Moana will deliver fish she catches, up to a certain limit, for you to collect and use as you see fit. If you want to sell these fish, you have income generating at your disposal that doesn’t require any effort on your part!

Do you have other coin farming tips for Dreamlight Valley? Share it with us on the comments below!

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