Dreamlight Valley: Scrooge McDuck Key Location

Dreamlight Valley Mother Gothel Mission

Mother Gothel’s quest can be challenging for players to complete. Here’s a guide where you can find Scrooge McDuck’s Key in Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley combines the quests of numerous Disney and Pixar characters into a single game. Mother Gothel’s quest demands Scrooge McDuck’s Key. This guide will help you find Scrooge McDuck’s Key in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Mother Gothel’s Quest requires Scrooge’s Key. To unlock Mother Gothel, find Scrooge’s Sun Scroll.

Scrooge concealed the Sun Scroll in a Mystical Cave vault. Find Scrooge’s Key to unlock the chest and get the Sun Scroll.

First, reach the Glade of Trust. The Waterfall is north of the Glade. Look for three colorful bubbles on the right side of the Waterfall.

Use your Magic Fishing Rod to catch the golden bubble on the lake’s left. Here’s Scrooge’s Key. Head to Dazzle Beach to uncover Scrooges’ Locked Chest.

The Sun Scroll is housed in the Mystical Cave. As you approach the Cave Entrance, look for the Locked Chest near a shattered Totem pole.

With the Magic Shovel, you can open the Locked Chest and give its contents to Mother Gothel. You’ve completed Mother Gothel’s task.

You can also check out a video guide here:

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