Dying Light 2: All Safe Codes Overview – Unlock every Safe

In Dying Light 2 there are some locked safes. They are small black metal safes that can be found on desks or shelves. In this guide we want to help you to crack the respective code.

There is a hint for every safe code! Most of the time it is a note that can be found in the immediate vicinity. But the code is not always in the note, there are also texts that you have to decode first.

Also, you may miss some vaults! There are side quests in which you have to or can open a safe. Once you’ve finished the game, you can’t go back!

You want to see an overview of all trophies? Take a look at our guide.


Safe Code Solutions

Trinity – Bazaar Tower
Safe Code: 510
You have to climb the tower to the top. Above you will find the safe and right next to it the note.

Houndfield – Nightrunner’s Hideout
Safe Code: 101

Houndfield – Dr. Katsumi’s Office Safe Code, Saint Joseph Hospital
Safe Code: 973
During Side Quest “The First Biomarker“

Houndfield – Crocodile Flats
Safe Code: 11 11 19
During Side Quest “Out of Your League“

Houndfield – Apartment Safe Code
Safe Code: 21 12 55
During Side Quest “Book Club X”

Horseshoe – Water Tower Safe Code
Safe Code: 14 9 2
During Side Quest “Moonshine”

Quarry End
House Safe Code: 22 67 66

New Dawn Park
Office Building Safe Code: 10 28 64

Downtown – Bandit Camp “Downtown Thugs”
Safe Code: 313

Muddy Grounds – Water Tower
Safe Code 3 21 67
During Side Quest “Treasure Hunt”

Muddy Grounds/The Wharf border – Military Container Safe Code: 10 10 10

Garrison – Electrical Station
Safe Code: 314

Garrison – VNC Tower
Safe Code: 666

West of Garrison – Dam Bus
Safe Code: 966
There is metal scaffolding above the bus. Climb up and you’ll find the clue note in the chest.

Bridge Camp (Downtown/Wharf Border)
Safe Code: 74 17 76

Saint Paul Island – Church of Saint Thomas
Safe Code: 444

Saint Paul Island – Military Container
Safe Code: 85 19 45

Saint Paul Island – Dark Hollow Rooftop Entrance
Safe Code: 987

Newfound Lost Lands – Restaurant
Safe Code: 459

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