Elden Ring: Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone Locations Guide

elden ring dragon smithing

Elden Ring has an upgradeable Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones.  The game has 13 Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones. Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones increase Elden Ring’s weapon strength. Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone boosts weapons by +25.

Upgrades to level 25 require an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone. In each run, you can only use so many Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones. Map of 13 Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones. Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones are incredibly useful in Elden Ring, although they are difficult to obtain. You can find them all right here.

The quest line of Nepheli Loux

After finishing the Nepheli Loux quest line, players will be rewarded with an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone and will meet Nepheli in her throne room at Stormveil Castle.

Gostoc the Gatekeeper

Gostoc the Gatekeeper can sell the player an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone for 20,000 Runes after completing the Nepheli Loux quest line. Gastoc the Gatekeeper is an odd, tall man who will hang out in the throne room. He’s the same character who handed the Elden Ring Stormveil gate option to the player. Gastoc must be alive for this interaction; he will not spawn if he has been killed.

Line of Sorceress Sellen

During the Sorceress Sellen quest line, the player must choose whether to side with Witch-Hunter Jerren or Sellen. If you side with Jerren, you will receive the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone at the end of the quest line. If you side with Sellen, you will not receive the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone. Siding with Jerren is also the final step towards completing the quest.

Quest Line of Gurranq

This Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone can be obtained in two ways. The first method is to feed each Deathroot site and hand them all over to Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman. The second method is to kill Gurranq after defeating Maliketh.

Inside the Skull of a Giant

A enormous skull of a colossal corpse is encased in deep snow within the perilous Mountaintops of the Giants and southeast of the Church of Repose. Be cautious of your surroundings as formidable enemies prowl the region. The Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone may be found inside the Giant’s Skull’s mouth.

Assassinating the Nameless Dragon

A dragon will swoop down with powerful lightning assaults at the beginning of Crumbling Farum Azula. After killing the dragon, the player will receive an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Farum Azula Dragon Temple

The Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone isn’t a reward or for sale. Climb the Dragon Temple’s spiral stairs. A hovering pillar leads to a room holding a corpse. The room’s corpse has the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Farum Azula’s Dragon Temple Rooftop

On the roof of the Dragon Temple, there is a special dragon. The player will receive another Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone after killing and plundering the dragon. At first, the dragon will appear from afar, generating lightning rain.

Calvary of the Night

Two Night’s Calvary will protect a convoy in the Consecrated Snowfields. The Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone and Night’s Calvary armor set are prizes for killing both enemies. To get these items, don’t die or rest at the Site of Grace.

Snowfield Dedicated

Players won’t have to fight for this Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, unlike certain other goods. Move the river to the Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace. Avoid the Magma Wyrm to find the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Tunnel of Yelough Anix

The next Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone will be found on top of a corpse in the Yelough Anix Tunnel, just past the Onyx Lord encounter. To obtain it, players will not need to fight any opponents; nonetheless, there will be a lingering adversary nearby.

Haligtree of Miquella

A Leonine Misbegotten guards a monument where the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone is on Miquella’s Haligtree’s southernmost side. You can discover it on top of a neighboring corpse.

The Loretta Boss Fight’s Aftermath

Loretta, Haligtree Knight, is Miquella’s Haligtree. You must fight Loretta for this Dragon Smithing Stone. Then, descend the arena. Take the steps to the roof. You can find a chest before obtaining the stone. The chest contains another Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

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