Elden Ring: Black Flame Incantation Guide

Elden Ring Incantation 1

Elden Ring character builds are limitless. Elden Ring’s incantations and armor sets allow a variety of playstyles.

Godskin bosses in the Lands Between have unique magic. Black flames have distinct effects than other fire spells. You can employ black flame Incantations, just like enemies. Here is a guide on how to locate it in Elden Ring.

Black Flame Incantation – Location

Elden Ring Rampart Tower

Elden Ring has six Black Flame-style Incantations, but only one named “Black Flame.” The Godslayer’s Seal boosts all these spells and is near the Godskin Prayerbook needed for the Black Flame Incantation.

  • Travel to the Stormveil Castle Rampart Tower Site of Grace.
  • Proceed northeast out of the room and descend the roof in front of you.
  • There will be a door leading beneath the building you were standing on if you descend to the higher platform below and make one more jump to the ground.
  • Follow the staircase down until you reach the end of the corridor, where you will encounter an Imp Statue that demands a Stonesword Key.
  • Use a Stonesword Key to gain entry; upon entering, you will encounter some wolves.
  • Defeat the wolves and unlock the two chests within. The first will carry the Godslayer’s Seal, while the second will have the Godskin Prayerbook.
  • The last remaining step is to present the book to any Incantation seller. You can locate one with the name Miriel, Pastor of Vows, in the Church of Vows. He appears as a colossal turtle with a crown on his head, making him impossible to overlook. You can now purchase the Black Flame Incantation and the Black Flame Blade Incantation after giving him the book.

Black Flame Incantation – Effects

Elden Ring Incantation

Your enemies will be wiped out by Black Flame attacks, which deal damage based on a percentage instead of a fixed number. This is very helpful for obvious reasons, especially when fighting powerful enemies, since your damage will always be the same no matter who you’re up against.

The Black Flame Incantation costs 20 Faith and lets the player throw a ball of Black Flame at enemies. The ball does damage when it hits, and the enemy’s HP goes down after the attack. Note that you can’t change how much damage the HP burn does, but you can use items or spells that increase fire damage to make the first burst of all Black Flame Attacks do more damage. This is because they also increase Black Flame damage. You can also charge up the spell to make it explode in a larger area and do more damage when it first goes off.

Have you collected all black flame incantations in Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments below!

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