Elden Ring Confessor

Elden Ring is a game that flexibility is key, choosing in-game choices can feel frightening. This article explains how to optimize a Confessor build.

One of those tough decisions is your first. After beginning a new save-file in Elden Ring, choose from 10 classes. Unfortunately, choosing a class involves choosing a playstyle for the whole game. Don’t worry, we can alter our character to our tastes.

Starting Stats

The Confessor actually has one of the highest starting levels in the game, which quickly makes him a candidate for many players. Almost every base stat is decently leveled up, except for Intelligence and Arcane.

Level 10
Vigor 10
Mind 13
Endurance 10
Strength 12
Dexterity 12
Intelligence 9
Faith 14
Arcane 9


The Confessor excels in various areas, but Faith and Strength are his/her specialties. The Confessor is a well-rounded prophet option.

Starting Loadout

The Confessor’s starting gear is all usable. Even the base armor is bad for virtually every other class. The entire gear has exceptional physical and magic resistance and should only be dropped afterwards.

Broadsword and Heater Shield can be used for the first several hours of gameplay. Both items have better early-game options.

The starting incantations (Assassin’s Approach and Urgent Heal) are useful, but not often employed. When confronting challenging adversaries, use Assassin’s back-stabs. The Finger Seal does its job well, so a replacement isn’t needed till later.

Focus Gear/Load Out

Unlock the Round Table Hold as the Confessor. This is done after your first effort to overcome Margit, win or lose. After unlocking Round Table Hold, a prophet leans against the wall. He sells religious incantations.

Catch Flame and Flame Sling are his most useful early-game incantations. With 14 Faith, you can utilize both incantations. Confessor’s balanced, excellent starting stats are a key lure. This implies you can utilize most items without leveling up. Except intelligence-based goods.

Skills and Build

Confessor is excellent as a Pyromancer-and-other-class hybrid. Try to focus on Faith-based incantations and level up anything else as a backup. Faith/Strength/Stealth is the most successful build combo. Intelligence runes are ill-advised. This technique will make your Faith and Intelligence spells redundant.


As the Confessor, you have a lot of flexibility. The Confessor excels at stealth attacks, so include them however you play.

What is your preferred build in Elden Ring? Tell us in the comments below!

Written by: Rai O.

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