Elden Ring Fort Gael Walkthrough

Elden Ring Fort Gael Battle

Elden Ring Fort Gael has great tools, so it’s worth the effort. Check out this walkthrough and defeat the Lion!

Elden Ring Map: How To Reach Fort Gael

Elden Ring: Fort Gael Map

As you enter Caelid from northern Limgrave, a well-defined road will mark your path.

You should travel east to the Rotview Balcony site of grace, then continue east along the trail to the Caelem Ruins site of grace.

From the Caelem Ruins, travel south until you reach the blazing wall, constructed to prevent the spread of the Scarlet Rot coming from the Aeonian Swamp.

Just south of the wall along the road is the location of grace known as Smoldering Well (and a nearby Finger Reader Crone).

Pick your way through the Scarlet Rot and roots to reach the fort’s outer defenses. The Fort Gael North place of grace is located to the north of the fort, directly to the right of the main entrance, where there is a Flaming Chariot.

You can observe the luminous tracks of an invisible Teardrop Scarab rushing across the countryside to the north of this sanctuary of grace. Position yourself in its route and attack as it passes. This Teardrop Scarab will drop Ash of War: Flame of the Redmanes, a colossal Ash of War that allows for the construction of incredibly potent structures.

Elden Ring: Fort Gael Exterior

Elden Ring: Fort Gael Exterior

Large groups of Radahn Soldiers, normal soldiers, and the occasional Flame Chariot must be fought. As you ascend the defended route, you will be assailed by a magical barrage of purple arrows pouring from the sky. The source of them is a long magical archer stationed on a high rock near the fort’s base level. You can evade Radahn’s arrow barrage with relative ease, but they can prove a lethal diversion as you engage his ground soldiers.

If you wish to eradicate this threat quickly, mount Torrent and approach the archer in close quarters. Upon defeat, this foe has a chance to drop the Greatbow.

On the ascent to the archer, a corpse carrying an item will be located in a tiny camp on the right. It yields five Explosive Greatbolts when looted.

Elden Ring: Fort Gael Chariots

Continue around the left side of the keep after defeating the magical archer and ascending the keep on horseback. When you reach the rear of the fortress, you’ll find two Flame Chariot adversaries seated against the wall. Between them, the potent spell Flame, Grant Me Strength can be looted. As you approach the central pile of burning bodies, a few of them will rise and attempt to explode on you (you can loot six smoldering butterflies off of the corpse on the fire). This fight can be quite difficult, so if you’re having difficulties getting the incantation, you’ll soon be able to tackle it from a new position.

Return to the fort’s main entrance. You will observe that the main gate is locked, barring your entry. Continue around the bend to the right of the main entrance. There, you will observe a massive root winding around the keep’s side. This is your intended route. Follow the way along the branches of the tree until you reach the ascending ladder (and a spear-wielding soldier guarding said ladder).

Fort Gael Roots

Before ascending, you can continue around the side of the cliff, reaching a rocky outcrop above one of the earlier Flame Chariots. This can provide you with an alternative path to this encounter, allowing you to perhaps acquire the Flame, Grant Me Strength incantation before the Flame Chariots notice you.

Elden Ring: Fort Gael Interior

Elden Ring Fort Gael

When you are ready to enter the fortress, return to the ladder and ascend to the upper rampart. Upon reaching the summit, you will observe a Lion Guardian patrolling the inner courtyard below. Before engaging the Lion Guardian, you should eliminate the remaining foes and collect any loot on this top level.

Fort Gael Soldiers

Cross the narrow beam in front of you, backstab the soldier with a spear and shield, and collect the two Warming Stones from the end of the next beam. Next, ascend the following staircase to the platform above. Two soldiers with spears and shields will attack you. Defeat them prior to the arrival of a knight from the next tower at the back of this landing.

Fort Gael Soldiers 2

After eliminating these foes, loot the chest in the corner of the landing. Inside lies the Starscourge Heirloom Talisman, which, when equipped, grants +5 Strength. This can be extremely useful for completing specific weapon requirements or simply improving your attack strength (if using a Strength weapon).

The tower in the far corner is essential, but you do not require it at this time. You’ll locate a teleporter at the top of the tower that will transfer you all the way to Redmane Castle, where you can ultimately confront Starscourge Radahn himself. However, you should still complete your looting of Fort Gael for the time being.

Return to the top of the stairs with the pacing Lion Guardian and look down into the courtyard. You may easily sprint and jump to the platform below by striking the railings to shatter them. Follow the stairs along the exterior of the fort until you reach a corpse with ten Mushrooms on it. Follow the path back along the wall until you reach a fire pit. Next to it, concealed within the stone, is a lever. Pull it to unlock the fort’s main gate.

You’re about to descend to the courtyard below, but before you do, aim to land on the platform just beneath the stairs; there’s a brazier there. You can always return to the platform after defeating the Lion Guardian if you miss it. From this platform, proceed through the archway into the adjacent dark room. You’ll find a chest carrying the Katar fist weapon within.

Elden Ring: Fort Gael Lion Guardian Boss Fight

Battle the beast! Guardian Lions aren’t the toughest creatures in Elden Ring, but their swift and acrobatic movements can surprise even the wariest Tarnished. If you’re a ranged build, you can blast the Lion Guardian with arrows or spells from this platform while sending Spirit Ash into melee.

If you’re not a ranged character, use melee. Beware Lion Guardian’s leaping assaults. Always dodge to the creature’s side to escape its follow-up moves.

Left Paw Swipe Combo

Lion Left Swipe Attack

This counterattack is good. The Lion Guardian will swipe with its left paw. It will then slash you with its right paw blade in a semicircle. If you dodge into the Lion Guardian’s initial assault, you won’t be harmed by the right paw blade strike, therefore you can repeatedly attack while it swipes and leaps since the movement keeps it near you.

Three Bite Combo

Lion Bite Attack

Lionguard Lifts its left paw, tilts its head back. It bites forward, then swiping its head left to right and right to left with follow-up bites. Quick assaults make it hard to avoid. To evade attacks, dodge right, left, then right. After this three-hit combo, the Lion Guardian will be exposed.

Rearing Slam Attack

Rear Attack

The Lion Guardian rears back, keeps its posture, then slams its sword. This strike is readily evaded and offers the best response opportunity. When the Lion Guardian rears, side-step around it (to your left). Since this attack doesn’t track you, the Lion Guardian will attack in the direction it was previously facing. After an attack, you have a long opportunity to attack again.

Leaping Slam Attack

Leap Attack

The Lion Guardian leaps into the air and crashes its paw blade into the earth. This attack tracks, so dodge as the Lion Guardian falls. If you do, you can attack several times until the Lion Guardian flees. If you’re behind the Lion Guardian, it’ll spin-attack you before leaping away. When you see sparks, duck.

Lion Guardian drops 3,079 Runes and Ash of War: Lion’s Claw upon defeat. In front of the opened gate, you can loot a Rune Arc.

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