Elden Ring Siofra River Well: Brazier Locations

Elden Ring Siofra River Well Map

Elden Ring is full of odd and spooky sites, but none more so than the first time you step inside Siofra River Well. The magnificent “night” sky, so far underground, captivates. The area is teeming with the lethal Ancestral Follower Spirits, as well as a few other monsters here and there.

There are also eight braziers that can be lit throughout this space. Lighting these eight braziers will give you access to the Ancestor Spirit boss fight, which when defeated will give you the Ancestral Follower Spirit Ashes.

How To Reach Elden Ring Siofra River Well

  • Head south from the Third Church of Marika in eastern Limgrave toward the tiny Erdtree in the Mistwood.
  • A big spherical building can be found north of the minor Erdtree.
  • Take the elevator down into a wide underground area and find solace in the Siofra River Well Depths.
  • Continue forward, past all of the Claymen foes, until you reach a small stairway leading into a stone edifice with an elevator.
  • If you take this elevator up, you’ll arrive at the bottom of a gently sloping river.
  • Ride up the river, keeping an eye out for crab adversaries, until the area opens up.
  • On your left, rest at the Siofra River Bank site of grace.

First Brazier Location

The first brazier is extremely close to the grace site on the Siofra River Bank. It’s just to the east, toward the temple stairs. When you ignite it, the corresponding brazier on the temple stairs will light up.

Second Brazier Location

A woodland trail leading northwest toward the second brazier can be found a little to the north of the Siofra River Bank place of grace. You’ll have to deal with multiple Ancestral Follower Spirits here, and fighting more than one at a time can be difficult. If you go up the right side of the rock wall toward the brazier, you’ll come up behind most of them, giving you a chance to begin with a back stab.

Third Brazier Location

The third brazier may be discovered on a small island inhabited by three Ancestral Follower Spirits on the north side of the first disintegrating bridge. Light the brazier after defeating the three Ancestral Follower Spirits.

Fourth Brazier Location

The retrieval of the fourth brazier can be hazardous. It’s along a wooded trail and on the brink of a rise east/southeast of the third brazier. The way to it is riddled with Ancestral Follower Spirits, particularly archer versions. You’ll notice a group of three going up the path toward the brazier, but the archers are camouflaged in the surrounding shrubs and behind trees, and they have pinpoint accuracy. Your best bet here is to either race and panic roll up the hill to ignite the brazier before you perish, or carefully choose your path, avoiding the Ancestral Follower Spirit archers along the way. If you are under-leveled, this section will be exceedingly challenging. If you are, it may be worth returning later when you are more powerful to avoid annoyance.

Fifth Brazier Location

Head north from the fourth brazier, past a couple of stone torches that light the route. Turn north/northwest from there. It’s also near the right side of the disintegrating bridge remains, directly northeast of the third brazier. A couple of floating lightning orbs will appear nearby. These lightning spheres unleash a barrage of deadly lightning attacks, but only for a few seconds before dissipating. They can be lethal to the unsuspecting, but if you start the torch, you will become invulnerable for a short time, allowing you to evade most of their strikes.

Sixth Brazier Location

The sixth brazier is located to the northwest, past a Giant Crab. Head across the lake from the fifth brazier, avoiding the lightning orb and the Giant Crab. You should dispatch an Ancestral Follower Spirit who appears near the brazier before lighting it. After you’ve lit it, proceed to the Worshipers’ Woods place of grace, which is located just to the east of the sixth brazier under one of the bridge arches. From here, you can proceed to the seventh and eighth braziers.

Seventh Brazier Location

Follow the road north from the Worshippers’ Woods place of grace, past a few Ancestral Worshiper Spirits who are stomp-dancing their hearts out. Continue up the walk, passing through a shattered archway, until you reach the seventh brazier on the worn road. You’ll have to deal with two Ancestral Follower Spirits and numerous rats defending the brazier, but once you’ve dealt with them, you can light the seventh brazier.

Elden Ring Siofra River Well – Eighth and Final Brazier Location

The final brazier is just west of the seventh brazier, but you’ll have to travel north and then circle back south to get to it because it’s on a higher plateau. Be careful in this area. There are a few Ancestral Follower Spirit archers hiding around, and some very dangerous rats patrol the area. When you go to the brazier, you’ll see that it’s guarded by two Ancient Follower Spirits, four smaller rats, and one big rat. It’s generally preferable to deal with the rats first, then backstab the two Ancestral Follower Spirits.

After igniting the brazier, you will receive the following message:

“Power gathers somewhere in horned remains.”

Return to the site of grace on the Siofra River Bank. You can now challenge the Ancestor Spirit boss by interacting with its bones in the Hollowhorn Grounds, which are located just to the east of the Siofra River Bank site of grace. You will obtain the Ancestral Follower Spirit Ashes after beating the Ancestor Spirit boss.

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