Elden Ring: The Royal House Scroll Guide

Elden Ring Scroll

Elden Ring scrolls open new spells in your mentor’s shop. You must travel far and wide to get the scrolls.

Elden Ring spells are difficult to find. To find new and more powerful spells, you must make friends with mentors and undertake missions for them. One teacher can teach more magic quickly.

The Royal House Scroll – Location

Elden Ring Waypoint Ruins

To learn new spells from your mentor, you must find the Royal House Scroll. First, go to the Waypoint Ruins Cellar Site of Grace in the southern part of Limgrave. If you haven’t found this Site of Grace yet, it is marked on the map above. It is directly north of the Bridge of Sacrifice, which leads into the Weeping Peninsula.

Once you’re at the Site of Grace, head southeast until you see a large cube-shaped building with a glintstone mage standing on top of it. Get to the high ground behind the block and use Torrent to jump onto the structure. When you beat the mage, which shouldn’t be too hard, there will be a dead body in the corner with an item on top of it. If you pick this up, you’ll get the Royal House Scroll.

The Royal House Scroll – Usage


It’s wonderful that you’ve acquired the scroll, but what do you intend to do with it? Deliver the scrolls to one of your guides. The Sorceress Sellen, found in the Waypoint Ruins Cellar, and Miriel, Pastor of Vows (The Giant Speaking Turtle), located in the Church of Vows, are two early-game mentors.

After giving the scroll to one of your mentors, you will gain access to two new spells. The first spell available for purchase is the Carian Slicer for 1,500 gold. The description of the staff spell states that it “performs a fast, sweeping swipe with a magical blade.” It possesses a remarkably diverse array of strikes that are incredibly effective against enemy groupings. The spell requires 14 Intelligence to cast, consumes one memory slot, and costs 4 FP.

Glintblade Phallanx

Glintblade Phalanx is the second spell available for 2500 gold. This staff sorcery takes 22 Intelligence, uses one memory slot, and costs 20 FP. This spell’s description states that it “Forms a defensive arch of magical glintblades.” When cast, you will be protected from adversaries who dare to approach you within a few feet. This will not totally eliminate them, but it will keep them from hitting you once or twice and stun them, allowing you to follow up with a devastating assault.

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