Fall Guys: Minigames Guide – How to Win Final Rounds

In the battle royale game Fall Guys you can play more as 20 different types of Minigames. The advantage in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, however, is that everyone becomes a winner at some point. Most games are only won by luck, so with a little persistence you can manage to win the crown for yourself.

This Guide will show you all different tips and tricks for the Final Rounds (Minigames).

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Final Rounds

Fall Mountain
The principle of the game is simple in the mini-game The Mountain. The first person to get to the top of the mountain wins. As soon as the countdown is down, you run straight into the fray and jump over the hurdles. At the end of the route, the crown awaits you, moving up and down. Only grab it when it is within reach.

Royal Fumble
In Royal Fumble you can expect the same gameplay as in Tail Tag. The person with the tail at the end wins the entire game and emerges as the winner out of 60 people. If you have the tail with you, the rest of the opponents will only pounce on you. So that you still have it after the time has run out, you need a lot of luck. Ideally, you will only get the tail a few seconds before the end of the game, as the chances are then the highest of keeping the tail.

In the minigame Hexed Away you need a lot of calmness. You start on individual honeycombs with a handful of fellow players. As soon as these are touched, they disappear. Step by step, the ground is pulled away from under your feet and you fall one level lower.
While it is possible to run across the playing field and escape the falling honeycomb, it is better to hop from honeycomb to honeycomb. This increases the chances that you will have enough honeycomb left to run by the end.


Written by: Tom Binsack

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