Fall Guys: Minigames Guide – How to Win Hunt Rounds

In the battle royale game Fall Guys you can play more as 20 different types of Minigames. The advantage in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, however, is that everyone becomes a winner at some point. Most games are only won by luck, so with a little persistence you can manage to win the crown for yourself.

This Guide will show you all different tips and tricks for the Hunt Rounds (Minigames).

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Hunt Rounds

Tail Tag
You already know Tail Tag as a team game. In the single game of Tail Tag you have to have a tail at the end of the countdown. This is the only way to get to the next round. Above all, heads for the players who have just fallen unfavorably because they have no chance to flee.


Similar to egg scramble, Hoarders is about keeping the team balls in your own field. So that you don’t run aimlessly across the field, concentrate on nearby balls and bring them as far back as possible in your field.


Fall Ball
The main task in the mini game Fall Ball is to get the oversized soccer ball into the opponent’s goal. Since there are a total of two balls on the field, a good division of the team is particularly important.
If all players are concentrating on the ball, it is advisable to head towards the goal to play the goalkeeper in an emergency. If you want to fend off one of the approaching balls, use the Ctrl / Square key (PC / PS4) and throw yourself at the ball with full force.


Egg Scramble
Only the player who has the most eggs in his team field is admitted to the next round. So that your opponents do not run into your field and steal the eggs you have collected, make sure that at least one or two people move on your own field at all times and fend off opponents of the other teams.


It is similar in the game Rock ’n’ Roll, in which you are divided into three groups. Your job is to get your team ball to the finish. Lots of obstacles await you on the way. If you are comparatively far behind with your ball, it is helpful if you run over to the opposing team shortly before the goal and try to stop the ball or block the path. That gives you a small advantage in an emergency.


Team Tail Tag
So that your team is admitted to the next round, make sure that you have more tails than your opponents when the time runs out. To keep your tail with you as long as possible, be sure to avoid the slime-covered areas in the middle of the field.
The fields slow you down – your opponents know that too. If a player from the opposing team is behind you, avoid jumping onto the runway from one of the upper levels. The likelihood that you fall and someone else steals your tail is high.


Only the faster team gets to the next round after witchcraft. At the beginning there is a bewitched person from each team. It is your job to also hex your opponents with the function “Pack”. The team that was first to be completely bewitched will be disqualified.


Written by: Tom Binsack

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