Fall Guys: Minigames Guide – How to Win Survival & Logic Rounds

In the battle royale game Fall Guys you can play more as 20 different types of Minigames. The advantage in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, however, is that everyone becomes a winner at some point. Most games are only won by luck, so with a little persistence you can manage to win the crown for yourself.

This Guide will show you all different tips and tricks for the Survival & Logic Rounds (Minigames).

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Survival Rounds

Block Party
Your concentration will be further challenged in the block party. You are on a level with a fraction of the players. Every second, blocks in various shapes come towards you. If you don’t react quickly enough, you fall into slime. In order to be prepared as possible for all block shapes, stay in the middle in order to have shorter ways to the left or right edge. Also note that after a few minutes the speed increases rapidly.


Roll Out
Mediatonic makes players from Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout in Rollfeld really work up a sweat. The moving fields are presented with a variety of hurdles. Walls, recesses and obstacles make it difficult for you to survive.
In the runway, make sure that you never stop too close to the transition to another field, otherwise other players have the chance to push you down with a push.


Logic Rounds

Perfect Match
The challenge in Perfect Match should be a breeze. Various fruits are displayed to you on the ground, which you can only remember. After a short time, a selected fruit appears on the large monitors. Now try to get to the point on the ground as quickly as possible where the fruit was previously displayed. If you fail to do that, you will fall into slime.
In order to mislead your opponents, you can create a little confusion. If the countdown on the monitor has expired, stand on the wrong platform on purpose. It often happens that other players were thinking elsewhere and blindly trust the other people on the field. Before the platform falls, jump on the correct symbol and your opponent falls into the slime. Mean but useful!


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