Fallout 76: So you find the first Power Armor

Fallout 76 Power Armor Locations

Where can I find Power Armor in Fallout 76? The game will be released in a matter of days, we can now tell you where to find the first Power Armor in Fallout 76!

Anyone who has played Fallout knows that power armor is an important aspect of the game. The combat suits bring some advantages, such as:

  • You are protected from radiation.
  • Your fall damage is reduced.
  • Your inventory capacity increases, so you can carry more.


Of course, it depends on your Power Armor, all armor has different values, and you can upgrade pieces of armor.

In addition, you must always have enough Fusion Cores with you, these you need for your power armor. You can find the cores in the game world or buy them from certain merchants.


Which armor is available in 76 Fallout?

Since the game has not yet been released, the information is not complete, so far the following power armor has been found:

  • Raider
  • T51b
  • T45
  • T60
  • Miner


Where can I find a Power Armor?

We can already tell you a few places where you can find Power Armor. All locations are in the area around Vault 76.

  1. Morgantown Train Yard
  2. Morgantown Warehouse: You can find the armor in the house.
  3. Aaronholdt Homesteadt: Look for the silos, there you will find a shed. To open it you have to find the key. On a hill you can see a bathtub, there is the key hidden.
  4. : The armor is hidden in the yellow building.
  5. Watoga: Find the building with the “AMS” logo, there you will find this combat suit.

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