Far Cry 5: Prepper Stash Locations & Solutions

There are a total of 28 Prepper Stash Locations in Far Cry 5 (11 in John’s Region, 8 in Faith’s Region, 8 in Jacob’s Region, 1 on Dutch’s Region).

In this Guide you will find all the Prepper Stash locations and how to solve the puzzles to get into them. You will always find several perk magazines, a lot of money and even weapons and vehicles.

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Prepper Stash Locations – All Locations

Each Prepper Stash begins with a prepper note. As soon as you are near the note, green diamond icon will appear on the map, and you will receive a message that appears in the HUD.

The note gives you hints on how and where you can get to the secret hiding place.

Now you just have to solve the puzzle to get access to the Prepper Stash (bunkers, rooms, garages…).

Dutch’s Region
0:00 – Sunken Funds

Jacob’s Region
1:37 – Salvage Rights
3:04 – Gone Squatchin’ (Grapple Claw Required)
6:45 – Unwelcome Guest
8:27 – Cliffhanger
9:28 – Mayday (Grapple Claw Required)
12:42 – Hanger Pains (Parachute/Wingsuit Required or you can use a Helicopter)
14:15 – The Holdouts

Faith’s Region
16:03 – Shipwreck
18:05 – Pooper Scooper
19:52 – Animal Control (Grapple Claw Required)
21:38 – Overwatch (Grapple Claw Required)
25:27 – Dead Mans Treasure (Grapple Claw Required)
27:00 – The Angel’s Grave (Grapple Claw Required)
30:02 – Getaway
31:22 – Side Effects (Grapple Claw Required)
34:53 – O’hara’s Haunted House

John’s Region
36:30 – Vespiary
38:02 – Swingers (Grapple Claw Required)
39:25 – High Tension
40:55 – Fire In The Hole (Grapple Claw Required)
43:20 – Mancave
44:55 – Long Range Lockpick (A sniper can be found in the shack you zip line too)
46:29 – Dumpster Diving (Grapple Claw Required unless you use the Barrel)
48:00 – D.I.Y. And D.O.A.
49:38 – Foxhole
50:46 – Playing With Fire (Lockpicking Required)
52:07 – Deep Dive

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