Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity Tophy and Achievement Guide

Vaas Insanity is the first expansion for Far Cry 6. With the new content, 10 new trophies have been added, which we want to explain to you in this guide.

There are 54 trophies in the main game, to unlock the platinum trophy, you only need the trophies from the main game.


Introduction – Vaas Insanity

In Vaas Insanity you play in Vaas Mind, it does not belong directly to the main story. It doesn’t take place on the Far Cry 6 map either.

The goal is to get her out of Vaa’s Mind. To do this, you have to find three parts of the silver dragon blade and put them together. Then there are a few waves of attacks that you have to pass.

As soon as you have escaped from Vaa’s head, you will be raised to Psycho Level 2, which makes the world in Vaa’s head a lot harder. Therefore it is recommended that you get all possible trophies in the first round. Especially the collectibles:

  • 9 Weapons
  • 20 Locations
  • 18 Visions
  • 7 Diary Pages
  • 10 Chibis

When you have found all the collectibles, you can play Mind Level 5, you get a lot more when you open chests, so you can collect 25,000 points to unlock the “I Rule This Kingdom” trophy. If you complete Mind Level 5 you will receive another trophy.


All Collectibles in Vaas Insanity

All Vaas Chibis Locations

If you find all the Chibis figures, you will receive the “Puff, Puff, Vaas” trophy and the Vaas Chibis bobble doll for your vehicles in Far Cry 6.


All Diary Pages Locations


All Weapon Locations

There are a total of 9 weapons in Vaas Insanity. 8 You have to activate it yourself, you will receive the pistol automatically. You cannot pick up weapons from opponents. The weapons are hidden in weapon boxes, which you have to unlock through certain challenges. These challenges can be found in the area and always have fixed locations.


All Visions Locations

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