Far Cry New Dawn – All Monstrous Animal Locations Guide

There are 51 trophies and 50 achievements in the main game of Far Cry New Dawn. In this guide we explain the following trophy:

Kill or Be Killed
Kill a Monstrous animal. It’d do the same to you given half the chance.

A complete guide to all trophies can be found right here.


Find a mutant animal in Far Cry New Dawn

There are four types of mutated animals in Far Cry New Dawn. It’s the bison, the boar, the cougar and the bear. They spawn in the areas you see in the video below. You need the skin of these animals to make elite weapons.

You must also collect the skin of each of these monstrous animals to unlock the trophy.

0:00 Monstrous Bison
0:53 Monstrous Boar
1:37 Monstrous Cougar
2:57 Monstrous Bear

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