Far Cry New Dawn All Treasure Hunt Locations & Solutions

There is a lot to discover in Far Cry New Dawn, including 10 hidden Treasure Hunts. In this guide we also show all missions to Treasure Hunts, their locations and solutions.

All Treasure Hunts are available from the beginning, as soon as you come close to a treasure hunt this is marked with a green jewel symbol on the map.

The treasure hunt is very well suited to quickly gain a total of 30 skill points! If you successfully complete three treasure hunts, you will also receive the following trophy / achievement:

Finders Keepers
Complete 3 Treasure Hunt missions. Host only.

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Treasure Hunt – All Hiding and Solutions

#1 For Whom the Bear Tolls

The first treasure hunt can be found north of your base. There is a guarded church, so remove the opponents first. To get into the locked bunker you need the key!

Have you cleaned the area, go to the green jewel and read the message. Now go to the roof and shoot the bell, as soon as it sounds an elite bear will appear. The bear is quite strong when you have problems with the bear, runs to the roof and goes into the bell tower, from there it is easy to defeat the bear.

When the bear is done, grab the key and open the bunker. There you will find some treasures, such as some benefit books.


#2 Going Haywire

The second treasure hunt can be found northeast of your base. You will find a building there and look at a spot with electricity / lightning. There, the bunker is a treasure hunt.

If you have activated the treasure hunt on the green jewel, you have to turn off the power. Go right to the building and climb onto the roof. Above you will find a window, if you look through the skylight you can see the locked door. Shoot the lock and go into the room.

At the end of the room you will find the switch to turn off the power. Now you can go outside and enter the bunker!


#3 High Art

For this treasure hunt you need the climbing hook! You can buy this ability under Benefits.

Go to the point in the video and start the mission by reading the message at the Green Jewel icon. Have you read the note, go to the other side of the barn and shoot the boards away at the top of the page.

Then pull yourself up with the climbing hook to the zipline. Jump on the zipline and you get into the barn. Now go right along, at the end you jump down and press the two valves. This will lower the vehicle and allow you to climb back up.

Jump over the car on the other side, left behind there is another valve, as soon as you have turned the valve you can climb down again and go to the secret hiding place.


#4 Target Practice


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