Farming Korthite Crystal in WoW – This is how it works

Korthite Crystal Farming Guide

To upgrade the current content of World of Warcraft Legendary items, you need Korthite Crystal and we will explain where you can find them and how you can farm them quickly

You can’t avoid it, sooner or later all players of World of Warcraft will be confronted with it: Korthite Crystals. Some players don’t know what it is and others are looking like crazy to upgrade the legendary items.


Where can I find Korthite Crystals?

There are several ways to find this rare resource. We’ll show you the best options now

Daily Quests:
In Korthia you can complete 3-5 daily quests every day. Some of these can give Korthite crystals as a reward, 1-2 depending on the quest. However, that depends on chance. The rewards even differ from character to character.

Treasures in Korthia:
There are many treasures to be found in Korthia and some of them reappear every day. Above all, Mawsworn and Pile of Bones boxes can be looted every day and have little chance of containing korthite crystals.

Attack in The Maw:Every 3-4 days, which pact is currently carrying out an attack in the gullet changes. Associated with this there are several quests and a meta-quest that will continue as soon as you have completed the other four missions. At the end you will receive a box of the respective pact with a Korthite Crystal.

In addition to the conventional method, you can of course also use addons. In the following video we see a Youtuber who goes in search of the rare crystals with some addons. He uses the following WoW addons:

  • Handynotes
  • Handynotes Shadowlands
  • Handynotes Shadowlands Treasures
  • Rare Scanner
  • Routes


Korthite Crystal Farming Guide

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