FIFA 23: Beginner’s Guide and Overview

FIFA 23 Goal

FIFA 23 is the latest game in the long-running FIFA series and has many new features. Here’s our FIFA 23 beginners’ guide.

If you’re new to or haven’t played the series recently, there’s a lot to learn. We found the best old and new game tips. All of them will help you master FIFA 23 quickly.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Introduction


FUT is a fan favorite in every FIFA game. FUT fantasy teams formed from player cards can compete for trophies.

This year, EA added FUT Moments, which are short, isolated scenarios with a defined goal. FUT Events let you relive key moments in superstars’ life. Goals by the goalkeeper or with two minutes left are two examples of hurdles and bizarre scenarios. FUT Moments are a great way to learn about Ultimate Team and FIFA 23 overall. They can help FUT beginners.

FIFA 23: Training Center

FIFA 23 Training Center

Training Center is a new feature that will assist all players improve. This mode has chapters with progressively harder goals. First game: 15 ground passes, 3 good shots, 2 standing tackles. In-game progress indicators show how much work left. Each game’s performance will inform improvement suggestions. You’ll have a more holistic perspective of your performance than merely meeting goals.

The Training Center is a terrific alternative to game-day practice on a field. You can manage serious pairings.

FIFA 23: Chemistry


FUT always included chemistry. If you play FIFA Ultimate Team this year, learn the chemistry modifications.

FIFA 23 removes chemistry-based gameplay. Instead, examine player interaction. A player can gain three chemistry points if his teammates are from the same division, club, or nation.

chemistry lines have been deleted as teams focus on player chemistry. Bad chemistry no longer affects a player’s stats, and everyone’s initial skills remain unchanged.

This season, athletes will keep their chemistry even if they switch positions. The idea is to simplify team creation so you can create more distinctive squads. If you’ve been limited by FUT’s chemical system, now’s your opportunity.

FIFA 23: Women’s League

Womens Teams

FIFA 23 has the most women’s teams to date, reflecting the sport’s prominence. This season, professional clubs and players can compete in the FA Women’s Super League in England and Division 1 Féminine in France. Play friendly matches and tournaments against international women’s teams.

FIFA 19’s Women’s Pro Game is the biggest addition to the women’s game in a long time. It lacks transfers, youth academies, and other aspects from the men’s career mode. It’s never been easier to win with your team.

FIFA 23: Power shots


Our guide explains that these shots are more powerful and precise. They require more time and precision while aiming. Mastering them could change the game.

Beginners should learn how to use them as they’re new. Your opponents may be surprised, giving you an advantage when attacking.

FIFA 23: Game Plan

FIFA 23 Game Plan

If you’re new to FIFA, changing your approach mid-game may seem difficult. Not always must emphasis on positions, player responsibilities, or transition plays. Strategize instead.

“Game plan” is a team’s strategy for competing. How much do you want to be offensive? Or are you stopping the action to preserve a tiny victory? These and other situations require a plan.

Your strategies are stated in Team Management. Change a template to fit your needs. Ultimate Team and Career Mode use them.

Game plans are quick to implement. Left and right controller buttons alternate between them. Your team will immediately begin preparing to implement the currently selected strategy. This is great for emergencies.

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Written by: verena smith

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