Final Fantasy VII Remake: Happy Turtle flyers Locations Guide – Yuffies Episode

Looking for the Turtle flyers in the new INTERmission DLC of Final Fantasy VII Remake? No problem, we’ll show you all the locations!

We would like to note at this point: The DLC is only available if you upgrade your PS4 version to the PS5 version. You can then purchase Yuffie’s episode for $19.99. If you bought the PS5, you get the DLC for free!

  • Turtle-tastic
    Collect all the Happy Turtle flyers.


Happy Turtle flyers Locations

Old Snapper, you should automatically meet him in the course of the story.

Then you have to find 6 flyers, which we show you in the video below. It is not particularly difficult, at least if you know where to look.



Happy Turtle Flyer #1 – 0:00
You will find the flyer in the south-central part of the residential area, on a playground with children. At the far end you will see a stack of boxes, walk through the boxes to find the flyer behind them.

Happy Turtle Flyer #2 – 0:54
Go to the south-eastern part of the residential area, there you will see a flying turtle balloon. Look for a crate to the right of the balloon. Then climb over the crate and throw your weapon (DREICECK) to destroy it. Then climb back over the crate and you will find the flyer on the ground.

Happy Turtle Flyer #3 – 1:28
Go to the motel in the north-west of the residential area. The flyer is guarded by a dog, so you have to pass him while he is sleeping. Go behind the crates and hide, only go further when he is sleeping. On the left wall in front of the dog you will find the flyer on the wall. Once you have the flyer, the dog will leave you alone.

Happy Turtle Flyer #4 – 2:26

Happy Turtle Flyer #5 – 3:02

Happy Turtle Flyer #6 – 3:32

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