Fortnite Alien Artifacts Location Guide Week 6

Alien Artifacts Week 6 Map

You want to unlock all items for Kymera in Fortnite? Then you have to find all the Alien Artifacts every week! Because these artifacts give you new customize styles for Kymera.


Alien Artifacts in Week 6 Season 7

Also this week you can find 5 artifacts, which are scattered all over the Fortnite map. Sometimes even well hidden!

#1 Alien Artifact – Lockie’s Lighthouse
The first artifact can be found at Lockie’s Lighthouse. There is a builiding and shed below the lighthouse. You can find the artifact in the shed.

#2 Alien Artifact – Corny Complex
The second artifact can be found at Corny Complex. There is a secluded shed on the farm and the artifact can be found in the roof truss.

#3 Alien Artifact – Steamy Stacks
There is a contaminated area south of Steamy Stacks. The third artifact lies under the trees.

#4 Alien Artifact – Retail Row
Land at Retail Row and run southwest up Snow Covered Mountain. There is a camp there and the alien artifact is hidden in the hut.

#5Alien-Artefakt – Slurpy Swamp
Weit im Süden von Slurpy Swamp findet ihr eine kleine Insel mit einer Ruine. In dieser Ruine findet ihr das letzte Artefakt in Woche 6

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