Fortnite – All 10 Golden XP Coin Locations in Week 8

Golden XP Coins Locations Fortnite

In this guide we want to show you where you can find all GOLDEN XP coins in Fortnite week 8. Each golden coin brings you 15,000 XP, if you collect all coins you will get 150,000 extra XP!


Fortnite golden coin locations (10/10)

  • #1 The first coin can be found north of Catty Corner, right on the road that leads north.
  • #2 The second golden coin can be found on the mountain, south of Catty Corner. You can collect this coin with the choppa.
  • #3 The third coin can be found under the yellow steel bridge, collect the coin with the choppa. The bridge can be found west of Catty Corner.
  • #4 You can find the fourth gold coin at Hydro-16 / Motorboot-Mayhem. Right in front of the dam in the air.
  • #5 You can find the fifth coin at Holly Hedges.
  • #6 You can find this Golden Coin on the road going west from Salty Springs.
  • #7 The seventh golden coin can be found at the overpass / bridge East of The Authority / South of Frenzy Farms. This coin can best be collected by car.
  • #8 You can find the eighth coin at Steamy Stacks. It’s high up in the air, between the two chimneys.
  • #9 You can find the ninth coin at Craggy Cliffs, on the eastern road on the mountain.
  • #10 You can find the last coin at Lockie’s lighthouse, directly above the lighthouse.


All golden coins explained in the video

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