Fortnite: All Pirate Camps Locations – Season 8

One of the challenges in Fortnite Season 8 Week 1 requires you to find and visit all the pirate camps. We show you all the places where the camps are hidden.

Visit all Pirate Camps

An overview of all the challenges of Week 1 in Season 8 can be found here.

Pirate Camps Locations

  1. A wooden fort overlooking the river (E2)
  2. South a Loot Lake, on the border or F5 (E5)
  3. Halfway up the volcano you should see a small fort (H4)
  4. West of Pleasant Park at the end of a small trail (B4)
  5. Southwest of Tilted Towers in the snow region (C6)
  6. By the broken bridge northwest of Paradise Palms (H7)
  7. On a mountain between Salty Springs and Fatal Field (E8)

Written by: Carizma

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