Fortnite: All Welcome Signs Locations in Pleasant Park

Welcome Signs Locations Map Fortnite

Today new challenges were activated again in Fortnite, week 3 in the new season 7 has started. We want to help you so that you don’t have it so difficult!


Welcome Signs Locations Guide

The description says you should look for the Welcome Signs in Pleasant Park or Lazy Lake, but there are enough signs in Pleasant Park, you don’t have to go to Lazy Lake.

Do you know the yellow folding signs that are on the floor in restaurants, they should tell you that the floor is wet. This is exactly what the welcome signs look like – but in Fortnite they glow blue!

Land at Pleasant Park, just south of where you enter the city. There you will find a sign in front of the house on the left, just opposite, on the other side of the street you will find the second one.

Now you go a few meters to the north, in the middle to the benches, there is the third sign. Now run north, in front of the northwest house you will find the last one. You don’t need 60 seconds for this!


Written by: Carizma

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