Fortnite – ALL XP Coin Locations in Week 7 Season 5

XP Coins Fortnite Week 7 S5

The new colored XP coins should not appear until Fortnite week 7, but are already here! We show you the locations of all coins, gold, purple, blue and green.

As always there are 1 golden, 2 purple, 3 blue and 4 green coins to be found. Earn a lot of XP super easy! Above in the picture you can see an overview of all coins on the map, below you can find videos with all locations.

Remember to put a few walls around the purple coins so that the small coins don’t roll too far away!


Gold & Purple Coins (3/3)


Blue Coins (3/3)


Green Coins (4/4)

Written by: Carizma

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