Fortnite Secret Banner Location in Week 10 – Season 7

Hidden Banner Fortnite Week 10

Where is the banner hidden in Fortnite Week 10? We show you the exact location where you can find the secret banner.

Have you made all the challenges? If not, here is an overview of all challenges in week 10.


Where is the secret banner hidden in Week 10?

You have to complete all the challenges to discover this secret banner. That means you have to complete all 60 tasks (week 1 to 10)! Then you get an individual picture in the loading screen, this gives you the hint to the location.

In the picture, the banner is hidden to the left of the tree, near the racetrack east of Retail Row.

Once you’ve completed all 60 Season 7 challenges, you’ll be rewarded with the secret Snowfall Skin!

Written by: Carizma

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