Fortnite Battle Royale – All XP Coin Locations in Week 5 Season 3

In this guide we want to show you where you can find all EP coins in Fortnite Week 5 Season 3. So if you haven’t collected them all, this guide will help you find all of the coins.

Fortnite Battle Royale, Chapter 2, Week 5 Season 3, can collect some XP coins. They can be found in the form of green, blue and purple coins. Green is the most common on the card and purple is the rarest coin.

A green coin gives you 5,000 XP, a blue 6,500 and a purple coin can bring you 10,300 XP.


Fortnite all Coin Locations – Extra XP


Purple Coins Locations (2/2)

#1 The first purple coin can be found in front of the wooden hut / disco southwest of Measty Meadows. It is located directly on the slope of the mountain. Before you collect them, build a few walls around the coin. Otherwise all small coins fall down the slope

#2 The second purple coin can be found on Lazy Lake, on the roof of the tallest building. You should also build some walls around the coin here, for sure it is safe!


Green Coins Locations (4/4)

#1 You can find the first coin at The Yacht

#2 The second green coin can be found in the north of Frenzy Farm.

#3 The third coin is hidden in the north of Lazy Lake, on the road next to the parasol and vehicles

#4 The last green coin can be found in the north of Rickety Rig, on the big ship.


Blue Coins Locations (5/5)

#1 You will find the first blue coin at the landmark Homely Hills. Go to the lower house, the first floor. There you will find the coin hidden in the drawing table with pictures.

#2 The second blue coin can be found in Holly Hedges. In the back yard of the garden shop, the forklift destroyed and the coin appeared.

#3 The third blue coin can be found in Salty Springs, on the street you see an overturned vehicle, destroy it to find the coin.

#4 The fourth blue coin is hidden in the south of Frenzy Farm. On the field you will find a small metal device, destroy it to get the coin.

#5 The last coin is hidden north of Frenzy Farm, by the orchard. Go behind the house, there you will find a wheelbarrow with a barrel, destroy it to get the last blue coin.

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  1. Jose August 11, 2020 | Reply

    The Blue coin in Salty Spring is not there no more, I believe after the update of cars it has changed and can’t seem to find it

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