Fortnite Battle Royale: Search a Chest in Pleasant Park

In this Fortnite Challenge (Week 7 Season 5) you need to open a chest in different places. These are the usual chests hidden in these places.

It is not possible to complete this challenge in a single round!

When you have found a chest, do not just leave the game, let it kill you. If you just leave the game, your progress may not be saved.

An overview of all challenges of the week 7 of Season 5 can be found here.


Search a Chest in Pleasant Park

Here are the 5 places where you have to open chests one after the other:

  • #1:43 Plesant Park
  • #3:33 Retail Row
  • #5:06 Lucky Landing
  • #6:31 Greasy Grove
  • # 8:23 Paradise Palms

Written by: Carizma

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