Fortnite Battle Royale – Secret Battlestar Location Season 5 Week 5

battlestar week 5 fortnite

You want to find the secret battlestar in Fortnite Week 5? Once you have dealt with all the challenges of the current week, you unlock another level of the Season Challenge “Road Trip“. You unlock a new cover picture with the hint to the hidden Battle Star.

An overview of all challenges of the week 5 of Season 5 can be found here.


Complete all the challenges of Week 5, Season 5 and bring the Battle Star

Where is the star hidden? If you look at the cover picture, do not let the Dino or the characters distract you, your hint is in the small picture below. You see a hut, on the roof sparkles your secret star.

The clue leads you to Paradise Palms, you find the hut with the cacti North of this area, in the video you can see the exact location!


Battlestar Location Fortnite Week 5

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