Fortnite Battle Royale – Secret Battlestar Location Season 5 Week 7

Week 7 Fortnite Season 5 Battlestar

You want to find the secret battlestar in Fortnite Week 7 of Season 5? Once you have dealt with all the challenges of the current week, you unlock another level of the Season Challenge “Road Trip“. You unlock a new cover picture with the hint to the hidden Battle Star.

An overview of all challenges of the 7th week of Season 5 can be found here.


Complete all the challenges of Week 7, Season 5 and get the Battle Star

Where is the Battlestar hidden? On the unlocked picture you can see a crazy picture! The picture is difficult to interpret, but it tells you that you have to go to the motel, section D2 on the map.


Battlestar Location Fortnite Week 7

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