Fortnite Carnival Clown Boards Locations – Week 9

One of the challenges in Fortnite Week 9 demands that you bring points to Carnival Clown Boards. We’ll show you where to find these targets.

Get A Score of 10 or More on Different Carnival Clown Boards

Locations of the Carnival Clown Boards

The actual goal of getting 10 points is not that hard. You only need one weapon and you have to destroy balloons, but you have to find one of those Carnival Clown Boards!

The following targets are known to us:

  • Junk Junction: Looks right next to the name on the map

  • Pleasant Park: At the football field
  • Lonely Lodge: Searches left in the area
  • Paradise Palms: Look at the bridge to the desert section


Carnival Clown Boards – Video Locations

Written by: Carizma

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