Fortnite: Dance Between Three Ice Sculptures, Dinosaurs & Four Hotsprings

One of the challenges in week 9 to Fortnite is that you have to dance in different places. In this guide, we explain how this works!

An overview of all challenges of the 9th week can be found here.

Dance between Ice Sculptures, Dinosaurs and Hotsprings

This task is divided into three level:

  1. Dance between three ice sculptures (southwest of Polar Peak)
  2. Dance between three dinosaurs (southwest of Paradise Palms)
  3. Dance between four hotsprings (west of Risky Reels)


You must also visit these places in the right order, first the ice sculptures, then the dinosaurs and finally you have to dance at the hotsprings.

In the video below you can see the exact places.

Written by: Carizma

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