Fortnite: Destroy Golden Ice Brutes – How It Works

Golden Ice Brutes

In Fortnite, the Ice Storm Challenges are currently underway, one of the challenges is to defeat Golden Ice Brutes. In this guide, we’ll explain how to do it the best and where to find the Golden Ice Brutes.

Where can I find Golden Ice Brutes? These enemies are quite rare on the map. According to information from the community, the Golden Ice Brutes spawn more towards the end of a round. So you have to hold on long enough to find several of these monsters, all in all, you must defeat 20 Golden Ice Brutes.

If you want to defeat Golden Ice Brutes, the crossbow is recommended. This causes considerable damage to the Ice Age and you also have no problems with the ammunition. A crossbow can be found in crates or just on the ground.

An overview of all Ice Storm challenges can be found here.


How To Destroy 20 Golden Ice Brutes!

Written by: Carizma

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