Fortnite: Flaming Hoops locations – Week 4 Season 5

One of the Week 4 Challenges in Fortnite involves jumping through flaming hoops with a shopping cart or golf cart. But where do you find a golf cart and the flaming hoops in Fortnite Battle Royale?

There are more flaming hoops on the map altogether, but you only need 5 of them. Before you jump off in one turn, Lazy Link heads north. There you will find a golf cart (ARK). Nearby you will find the first ski jumping hill with a flaming hoop, there is also a second one in this area, for the others you have to start new laps.

For the next two flaming hoops you need a shopping cart, if the pace is not enough, roll the car! In the video below you can see all the jumps through the flaming hoops.

An overview of all challenges of the 4th week of Season 5 can be found here.


Jump Through Flaming Hoops With A Shopping Cart Or ATK

If you jump at Lazy Links you can reach two flaming hoops with the golf cart.

The third flaming hoop can be found east of Paradise Palms.

The fourth flaming hoop you find Nordwesltich of Paradise Palms.

You can find the last one south of Snooby Shores.

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