Fortnite: Follow the Treasure Map found in Shifts Shades – Week 9

Fortnite week 9, this week you have to go on a treasure hunt again. It goes to Shifty Shafts!

Below you will find the exact location of the treasure, or rather the golden star. You do not have to find the treasure map, you can go straight to the star and collect it.

Remember, when you’ve collected the star, do not just log out. Finish your round normally, win or lose. If you just leave the game, it may be that the achievement is not counted and you need to re-collect the star.

An overview of all the challenges of the 9th week can be found here.

Shifty Shafts – golden Star location

North of Salty Springs, on a mountain, the exact location you see below in the video!

Written by: Carizma

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