Fortnite – Get the new Aquaman Skin

Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 3 has been already released. This includes the new skin for Aquaman. As usual you have to unlocked some skins through challenges and missions before they are usable. This guide will help you through all steps.

The Battle Pass is available for only 950 V-Bucks but you are able to earn also 1500 Bonus V-bucks by playing.

Important to know –> It takes about 5 weeks to unlock the Aquaman Skin – Let’s get into it!

How to start and needed requirements:

  • Battle-Pass
  • Go into the new Battle-Pass menue
  • See the Challenge table
  • Just click on Aquaman’s challenge


Weekly challange’s:


You will get the Aquaman’s Skin as soon as you have completed all 5 weekly challenge’s. So let’s see how it looks! Here is a prieview of the Aquaman!

Fortnite Unlock Aquamen

This guide hasn’t been finished yet but it will be completed soon!

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