Fortnite – Golden XP Coins Locations Guide in Week 9

Golden Coins Locations Map

Like every week, there are also some colored coins to be found in Fortnite week 9. In this guide we want to show you where the two golden coins are hidden in week 9.

For every golden coin you get 15,000 XP in Fortnite, since there are 2 of these coins to be found this week, you can quickly earn 30,000 XP!


Golden XP coins Locations – week 9

#1 Golden Coin – You can find the first coin North of the Ghost House and East of Weeping Woods. The coin is on the “Heroes Park” globe.

#2 Golden Coin – The second coin can be found at the Heart Lake landmark, northeast of Stark Industrie.

Written by: Carizma

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