Fortnite: Goose Nest Locations Guide

Fortnite Battle Royale “14 Days of Fortnite” Challenges Day 6 – Search Waterside Goose Nests.


Find all Goose Nests on Day 6

For the Fortnite Challenge on the 6th day, you have to find six Goose Nests. In this guide we show you all locations.

There are more than 6 Goose Nests on the map, but you only need six to complete the challenge.

Once you’ve found one of the nests, you’ll get a message, In the video you can see six quick locations to the goose nests, which you can collect in a single match.

  1. North of Lucky Landing, under a tree
  2. South of Fatal Fields, between a tree and stones
  3. East of Fatal Fields, in front of the rocks
  4. Northeast at Fatal Fields
  5. Northwest at Paradise Palms, at the small oasis with the airplane wreck
  6. South of Dusty Divot, on a small island in the water


Written by: Carizma

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